Burundi needs the difference in how business is done.

Added Value

The different added values ​​that I personally expect from MacoopA are:

  1. The transfer of innovative technologies to the African continent which will be an asset for Burundi and which will allow us to make a leap forward in terms of technological development;
  2. The opportunity to be able to sell Burundian and sub-region products all over the world, thanks to the standardization and the appropriation of international standards and matters of production and supply of goods and services;
  3. Contribution to the socio-economic empowerment of all Burundians and even all Africans, without any discriminatory consideration, and at the forefront, the promotion of entrepreneurship of young girls and women;
  4. The reduction of unemployment by creating a chain of direct and indirect jobs, which will contribute to the development of Burundi both through taxes and through taxes paid to the public treasury;
  5. Strengthening the visibility of Burundi on the international scene and especially within the African diaspora through the establishment of MacoopA Burundi, which will also impact on the tourist industry in Burundi;
  6. Reducing social inequalities through the support and encouragement of income-generating activities;
  7. The promotion of the peaceful resolution of conflicts through the dissemination of MacoopA values and code of conduct;
  8. The appropriation of financial shareholders by Burundians and for an economy with winning citizen values ​​through MacoopA Burundi;
  9. The transformation of Burundian society by promoting the dynamism of Burundians in business;
  10. The initiation of Burundians into economic intelligence through their brainstorming through the action of MacoopA Academy;
  11. The creation of a socio-economic network of community exchanges through MacoopA Shop;
  12. The inclusive and integral development of all Burundians and even all Africans, which will guide us towards economic independence.