Cacao Project

Project financing offensive for the month of January 2022 to implement a flagship project by MacoopA eG: Support for the production activities of the Coopasa producer cooperative in Ivory Coast.

Carrier of the project

Träger des Projekts sind die panafrikanische Genossenschaft MacoopA eG mit Sitz in Rehburg-Loccum und ihre Partnergenossenschaft Coopasa SCOOP in der Elfenbeinküste. Ziel der MacoopA eG ist es, unternehmerische Aktivitäten von Afrikaner*innen und Menschen afrikanischer Herkunft in Afrika und Europa durch die Vermittlung von Finanzdienstleistungen, Bildungsformaten und Online-Handel zu fördern. Das besondere an der Arbeit von MacoopA eG ist ein klares Bekenntnis zu einer sozialökologisch verantwortlichen Wirtschaft im Sinne der Gemeinwohl-Ökonomie.

Processing of cocoa beans into cocoa powder and cocoa butter and other products for the local and regional market. The project is very profitable for both partner cooperatives MacoopA eG and Coopasa Scoop and benefits the promotion of economic emancipation and the social development of the cooperative members.

– Strong demand for the products;
– Pilot character of the project for MacooopA eG;
– Strong mobilization of the members of the partner cooperative Coopasa;
– Good local anchoring of the project
– Strong impact of the project for improving the eating habits in the region and in the Ivory Coast country;
– Several awards from the project and its members in recent years indicate that this is a very promising project

The time pressure is the biggest challenge of the project. The cocoa beans can only be purchased until the end of February 2022 in order to secure production and distribution. If the fundraising fails, production cannot continue and the farmers have to sell their cocoa beans at bargain prices, as they do every year.

Become a member of the MacoopA eG cooperative and subscribe to a freely selectable amount of cooperative shares.

This is not an investment and no promise of return is made. You do not invest directly in the project, but in the cooperative. This enables the cooperative to start its investment and participation policy. The cooperative is not a non-profit organization, but a commercial enterprise. As a member, you have the opportunity to have a say in the use of the proceeds from this and other projects at the annual general meeting. Your shares should be seen as a medium to long-term investment that you can give away or bequeath.

Dr. Urbain N’Dakon,
Admin Director
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Germain Nimpagaritse,
Managing Director
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