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Corporate Identity

Maat Cooperative Africa

MacoopA eG, an Ethical Cooperative Enterprise

MacoopA stimulates, develops, invests and supports various projects in the countries of the African Union and in Afro-diasporic communities. The cooperative is based in Germany.

A maatic enterprise is an enterprise that recognizes the human values of African culture and acts accordingly. MacoopA is one of them.

We are convinced that an ethically grounded enterprise which promotes the Economy for the Common Good, is the best way for people to enjoy doing business freely and for the society to escape structural violence.

MacoopA is committed to a Green Economy understood as Ethical economy where the human in his awareness and respect for nature is at the center of economic action.

Diversity and Inclusion

International Partners

Promoting Cooperatives

Team Work

Economic Development

Individuals and Communities

Timely and Efficiency

Professionalism and Reliability

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