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Development projects

Maat Cooperative Africa

Cacao Project in
Ivory Coast

COOPASA SCOOP is a cooperative situated in Agboville in Côte d’Ivoire and currently the main partner cooperative of MacoopA eG. According to its business philisophy, MacoopA eG is supporting COOPASA in reaching the next level of business excellence by processing a significant part of ist own cocoa production. Since its creation, COOPASA has appropriated professional skills through training and collaborations with various companies. The dedication of its members working at the service of its customers, gives it the place of the first local cooperative enterprise that satisfies its customers.

Serving an impressive list of long-standing clients, COOPASA is a cooperative company of seasoned professionals with considerable experience and expertise in the primary processing of cocoa. Its working principles align along with:

Human Dignity



Quality work

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