MacoopA Academy promotes African scholars and provides a platform to conveys knowledge. There is a wide range of topics which will be covers from ancient Africa to modern Africa whereby everybody will find why he/she needs to prosper.

MacoopA College and its services

MacoopA College is the training platform of MacoopA eG.

This platform offers courses, seminars, workshops and conferences around themes that support the objectives pursued by MacoopA eG. Trainers from all countries pass on their skills and experience in various fields. All prices are very affordable. In addition, all payments includes our cash-back system. With this system, part of the fees paid is refunded to customers. Thus, each payment is transformed into an investment that earns money later.

MacoopA Student Services is a special service of MacoopA College around the course of African students wishing to come to Germany to begin or pursue higher education. MacoopA Student Services supports them from the beginning to the end of their courses.

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