Proud to be a member of a lightened institution to boost the life of Africa and African Diaspora. Save for your future and execute also your projects.

To be a member of MacoopA is to make a contribution and  change the African economy. Every member of MacoopA can also initiate a project which can be funded by MacoopA

Who can be a member?

• Every African
• Every African in Diaspora
• Friends of Africa*
• African Institutions and organisations
• African Institutions and organisations in Diaspora

(* Organisations which run their projects in Africa)

A- Register online

  1. Go to the platform
  2. Register yourself. After completing the registration, you will automatically receive the membership form by e-mail.

B- Fill in the form

  1. Fill out the membership form, sign it (digitally if necessary);
  2. Send it per Email (;
  3. The form is registered and is visible in the user area.

C- Examination of the form

  1. The board of directors checks the completed membership application;
  2. The board of directors confirms the membership or rejects the membership;
  3. Upon confirmation of membership: You will receive an email informing you that your membership has been confirmed (can be viewed in his user area).
*English version will be available very soon, still you can use the German version, it is only the user interface which is in German.
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