Proud to be a member of a lightened institution to boost the life of Africa and African Diaspora. Save for your future and execute also your projects.

To be a member of MacoopA is to make a contribution and  change the African economy. Every member of MacoopA can also initiate a project which can be funded by MacoopA

Who can be a member?

• Every African
• Every African in Diaspora
• Friends of Africa*
• African Institutions and organisations
• African Institutions and organisations in Diaspora

(* Organisations which run their projects in Africa)

Co-owners (members) of the cooperative can be private individuals and organizations of African origin and their allies in African and European Union countries.

You can contribute to the success of MacoopA eG by:
» Become a co-owner (member) of the cooperative;
» Buy shares in the cooperative;
» Get involved as a freelancer (gain commission on members brought in the Cooperative);
» Recommend someone who is able to advance our common cause.

What membership costs.
» Private members contribute a membership fee of 36 EUR per year (3 euros per month).

» Commercial members contribute a membership fee of 150 EUR per month.

» A  share in the Enterprise costs 3 EUR for all members.

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The path is marked out, it is now your turn to come and walk with the others. You should never forget that “Tubiri tuvuravana ubupfu”, together we are strong and that “Inyakamwe inyaga imwe”, an isolated being never embraces progress.

Whether you are a physical or moral person, an organization or a company, the doors are widely open for everyone.

MacoopA is an international community which lives and promotes an ethical economy aiming at financial autonomy for its members.

With 2.500 BIF for individuals and 250.000 BIF for companies, institutions and associations, you receive a warm welcome to the benefits of members.

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