Our mission is to promote economic growth driven by human values while respecting planetary boundaries, rooted in Maat, so that economic activities and actors in Africa and the African diaspora achieve sustainability and autonomy.

Our Intruments

MacoopA Account

MacoopA eG operates a current account (in the form of a private customer and a business account), a savings and project account and a junior savings account. Overdrafts are provided on the basis of the current account. The project account offers the possibility of saving in order to use the amounts for participation and investment projects of the individual members. The junior account is a savings account for the next generation.

MacoopA crowdfunding

Our members can use our crowdfunding platform to present their own profit and non-profit projects for financing and thus collect money. At the same time, you can invest in projects presented by other members in return for interest (for the profit area) and donate to the non-profit area.

MacoopA Shop

Members can offer their products and shop for them via the online marketplace. MacoopA eG wants to stimulate intra-African trade in products and services. Products and services circulate on the platform within the continent, within the African diaspora and between the continent and the diaspora. MacoopA Shop works with a cashback system that turns every purchase of a product or service into an investment.

MacoopA College

On this educational platform, all topics related to the vision of MacoopA eG are conveyed in webinars: A maat-oriented entrepreneur is an educated, holistic personality. That is why the subjects of finance, economy, investment, entrepreneurship, wealth accumulation find their place in the curriculum alongside the subjects of culture, history, social work, indicametry, nutrition, health, family finances and budget planning, and spirituality.

Very soon you will be able to open your account