Our Mission

Foundation of an investment cooperative for the promotion and financing of economic projects for people of African and in the African diaspora in Europe, and in the rest of the World. The cooperative supports projects based on the principles of the common good economy based on the model of the cooperative for the common good (https://www.gemeinwohl.coop/).

Maat Account offers the mobile banking model with the appropriate technology. This technology is accessed through our cooperation which is a financial institution.

Short, medium and long-term Project

• Promotion and dissemination of value-driven economic and financial knowledge within the African and African diasporic communities in Germany and Europe
• Regain self-confidence and empowerment of the African and Afrodiasporic communities in Germany, Africa, and Europe
• Effective reduction of the precarious working and living conditions of people of African descent in Germany, Africa, and Europe
• Organization of larger networks of profit and non-profit organizations of the African and Afro-diasporic communities for joint projects
• Expansion, networking and systematic strengthening of community organizing projects within the communities
• Reduction of discrimination and racism against the Afro-diasporic communities in Germany and Europe.

Sustainable Growth, Green Economy

Maat Invest is committed to all SDGs. SDG 8 leading to economic growth. The promotion of  “sustainable growth”, a “green economy”, is intended to create enough decent jobs within the meaning of SDG 8, while respecting human rights and planetary boundaries. The notion that economic growth is a prerequisite for decent jobs is critical and draws too much attention to growth, a quantitative quantity. The project focuses more on the qualitative side of business practice, which enables a good life for everyone.

For 2015-2024, the UN has announced a decade for people of African origin under the motto “Recognition, Justice, Development”. An appeal to all countries in the world to improve the special situation of people of African origin (negative perception, discrimination and racism, social disadvantage) in the world through appropriate legal steps.

Our mission is to promote economic growth driven by human values what are rooted in Maat,  for Africa and African Diaspora to reach an economic sustainability and autonomy.

With this Maat Invest, the people affected could shape this period themselves and bring about a historically groundbreaking initiative. This would build on the great achievements of black pioneers such as Sylvester Williams, Bénito Sylvain, Anténor Firmin, Martin Delany, Marcus Garvey, Kwame N’Krumah, who in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries carried a great vision of the future of Africa and had sustainable results at Improved the lives of black people in different places.