Markus Stegfellner, Chairman
Enterprise Consultancy f, Chairman of the supervisory board of ECG in Vienna, business development, topic sponsor for cooperatives Impact Hub Stuttgart, co-initiator MakerCamp cooperatives, co-founder of fiveP eG.

Mr. Bakari Tangara, Deputy-Chairman
Is co-founder and partner of Tangara Communications, Chairman of the African umbrella association – ADV Nord e.V. and the Hakiliso Association – Haus der Bildung e.V.  Is committed to a value-driven humane economy and the Economy for the Common Good and is committed to the economic emancipation of people through education.

Dr. Mathias Behrens
Strategy and organizational consultant, coach and potential developer, industrial manager, humanities scholar, co-founder of fiveP eG. Is committed to a value-driven economy, especially the economy for the common good, and advocates strengthening the cooperative system.

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