The Sêyêyê de l’Agneby agricultural cooperative facing the Covid-19

Like all businesses around the world, the Agneby agricultural cooperative Sêyêyê is suffering the full impact of this pandemic.

For almost two months, the government has taken a series of measures to prevent the spread of the virus. Given the negative impact of these measures on the lives of our members who have very low incomes and who live mostly in rural areas. The management committee has also undertaken a series of actions ranging from simple awareness-raising to maintaining their standard of living but also to their food security. So

  • We wanted to run the stores to collect their products
  • We got in touch with 4 other cooperatives and the authorities to quickly sell their products and give them the income
  • We generally inform producers about government decisions especially for their children, for those who do not have a television
  • We mobilized women to produce soap and redistribute it to members
  • We started a small food crop project to diversify their income and also provide them with daily food.

We are looking for partners to extend this project. Producers are moving less and less, they are afraid of the children’s return to school, but we reassure them about the measures taken by the government and some NGOs to enforce the barrier measures.

by, Désiré Adon, Ivoiry Cost, West Africa
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