Transparency, is one of Maat values which is our characteristics in Maat Invest and to our achievements.

Transparency, secure path to Justice

Transparency is the way to Truth, the Maat value governing activities of MacoopA. Transparency is practiced not only in the work we do, but also among employees. Transparency is the attitude which we take towards our resources.

At the bottom of Transparency is responsibility and MacoopA advocates for responsible change in the financial world. Therefore, we publish our salary schedule, income and expenses of  MacoopA. We also avail the development of the repayment rate and the most important key figures of the annual financial statements.

Through transparence we practice Justice within MacoopA in the way we treat our members, customers and our resources. At this point, MacoopA keeps improving its services to uplift every member and  customer towards Perfection.

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