The path is marked out, it is now your turn to come and walk with others. You should never forget that “one tree does not make a forest”, together we are strong and that an isolated being never embraces progress.

Whether you are a physical or moral person, an organization or a company, the doors are widely open for everyone.

MacoopA is an international community which lives and promotes an ethical economy aiming at financial autonomy for its members.

With 1,2 USD for individuals and 120 USD for companies, institutions and associations, you receive a warm welcome to the benefits of members.

Many people think that investing requires a huge capital. By thinking that way, you will never invest and will never see stability on your way. Investing is like planting a trees. Every one you see outside who has been successful started small.

MacoopA gives opportunities to invest to everyone by making it affordable. Shares in MacoopA are very competitive and thought to accommodate everyone. You should only have 4 USD, to buy a share which will surprise you at the end of the year when you enjoy the dividends which  are not calculated locally but world wide.

This is your time to make a move for your financial change and prepare your future for you or for your enterprise, institution or organisation.

MacoopA offers a platform to finance project and also support projects. Do we have to rely on funds from abroad to finance our projects? This belongs to the past.

Togolese are not only capable of financing their own projects but also, Burundian are capable of investing in lucrative projects and generate revenues through successful projects.

What is needed then? One you are a member in MacoopA, you will be trained of how to make a meaningful and successful project which can attract investors.

Benefits of being a member does not take you the Crowdfunding platform but leads you to certification of your services and product.


MacoopA Ivory Coast


I am Farai Mandaza.

Welcome to MacoopA Zimbabwe

MacoopA is part of the logic of the Economy for the Common Good (ECG) that it brings to the Zimbabwean population, via financial support and training services in specific and diverse fields aimed at obtaining quality and certified products and services.

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