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MacoopA Services

Maat Cooperative Africa

Business Development Support

MacoopA provides supports to accompany people and businesses. You have an project in mind? You have a business about to start? Maybe you have a running business but the turnover does not meet your expectation. Just contact us, we do the rest.

We are very much convinced that there is nobody who does not have a project in mind, or have tempted to start a project and left it. Let us not get discouraged when MacoopA is there to bring your dream become true. Let us know more about your project and take you there.

MacoopA listens to you carefully. We identify your challenges, and together we find solutions. The purpose of any given business is to prosper according to its potential. If your business has not taken this path, there is something to be done. Contact us! You want to do business and not worry about your business. MacoopA will take your worries, so you can concentrate on your business.

Based on your initial business orientation, we go through your business strategies and helps you improve your daily running of your business by bringing providing business innovation to have an added value to your business.

MacoopA Academy

MacoopA Academy provides you with various educational services for a better business practice and for the preparation of your career. For that, MacoopA avails MacoopA College and Career Service for you.

Seminars and Training courses include:
  • Business and entrepreneurship,
  • regional studies seminars,
  • language courses,
  • courses on sustainable business and its cultural foundations,
  • and many more...

Career Service area consists of education-related services:
- Dual program at a German university,
- Dual training in a German training company,
- Application for an advertised position in Germany.

Would you like to give training at MacoopA College, very simple. The training has to be in line with our ethical perspective, with he following allocations:

  • 60% of the course fees goes to the trainer, as honorary benefits
  • 40% of the course fees remains for maintenance of the platform
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